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Follow the guides to take 5 photos of your teeth to receive a  personalized oral health report and wellness score.

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A licensed dentist will review your treatment plan from your dentist and provide you with a detailed second opinion report.


Revolutionize Your Dental Care with AI Photo Assessments and 24/7 Live Virtual Dental Visits

Aetna® has partnered with to allow you to check the status of your dental health with an at-home AI photo scan or consult with a licensed dentist anytime, anywhere.


How Smart Scan Works

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AI Scan + Virtual Consultation

While the AI scan is a great first step, a virtual consultation with a licensed dentist will help clarify any questions. Also, the scan can help uncover potential problems, but a discussion of treatment options requires a licensed dentist.


Second Opinions Just Got Easier

Seeking a second opinion on your dental treatment plan has never been more convenient. connects you with in-network dental professionals who can provide valuable insights and recommendations to ensure you receive the best care possible. Don't settle for just one opinion when it comes to your oral health – explore your options with today.


What does the Smart Scan do and why should I use it?
Smart Scan is a new and no-cost screening service available to Aetna Dental® plan members which allows you to better understand the overall health of your mouth and teeth. Receiving a live status of your oral health can help identify potential problem areas to be handled before it becomes serious, gives you a peace of mind, and provides you with tips and product recommendations to maintain your good oral health or to treat an identified condition.
What happens after I upload my photos using the Smart Scan?
Once the photos are uploaded to Smart Scan via, the following occurs:
  1. Each photo is examined by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to determine potential cavities or areas of concern
  2. An Aetna Dental network dentist reviews the pictures and the AI data
  3. A final score is determined and posted on your dashboard like a grade on a report card – score 1 through 100 (100 being the best)
  4. The AI software will identify problem areas and specific conditions to be addressed (if any exist)
  5. Product suggestions to treat your condition(s) and/or maintain good oral hygiene will be recommended and tailored based on your results
  6. Detailed suggestions on how to improve or maintain your oral health and hygiene will also be made available
  7. If you would like to speak directly with a dentist to review the results, you can do so by selecting to “See a Dentist Now” from your member dashboard
Who is eligible to use the services?

Members with a PPO plan can use the Smart Scan, see a provider, and get a second opinion and will be covered under their plan. Members with a DMO plan can use the Smart Scan at no cost but will need to pay out of pocket for a virtual visit and second opinion.

How do I use the Smart Scan tool?
Please watch this short video to learn how to use Smart Scan for your oral health report: Smart Scan Video . The entire Smart Scan process takes less than 5 minutes.
Will my AI Scan Pictures, results, findings, or product recommendations be shared with any third parties without my consent? is HIPAA compliant and individual customer details are not shared with your employer, Aetna®, or any third parties.
Can I use my AETNA20 discount code on the recommended CVS Health® Oral Care products?
The AETNA20 discount code can be applied to all the recommended products through the Smart Scan member dashboard – please remember to add AETNA20 at checkout. The AETNA20 discount code can only be used on the CVS® website.