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AI Scan + Virtual Consultation

While the AI scan is a great first step, a virtual consultation with a licensed dentist will help clarify any questions. Also, the scan can help uncover potential problems, but a discussion of treatment options requires a licensed dentist.


What is a Free Smart Scan

Smart Scan uses AI to analyze photos you submit of your mouth and teeth. It will detect visible issues including cavities, gum inflammation, plaque build up, and more! Add Smart Scan to your dental care routine and track your status over time! Create a free account now to get started!


How quickly will I see a dentist?

Once you join the virtual dental visit, you will be greeted immediately by a helpful assistant who will answer any questions you have and get you paired up with a licensed dentist in your state. Dentists typically join the virtual visit in less than 5 minutes.

Can I use this for my child?

Yes, teledentistry is a perfect option for children experiencing dental issues. Simply create an account and add your children under the My Dependents option.